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Innovative software for tapping GSM mobile phone
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How to install the software?
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How to set up the software?
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How do I find the IMEI number?
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How does Web Account works?
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Problems while using?
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For technical questions info@podslushvanenaGSM.com

For all other questions you can use the phone +359899969690

Frequently asked questions and their answers:

How do I find the IMEI number of my phone?
Dial keypad * # 06 # and the display will appear 15 digit IMEI number.

Wrong IMEI number when ordering, can I replace it with another?
No. Before ordering you should check carefully introduced IMEI number because your copy of the license is locked by this number and can not work on other phones, if you put wrong IMEI number we will not issue another copy for free!

Can I install purchased software on other phones?
No. You buy a license and it is phone locked by its IMEI number.

Can I use the software to eavesdrop or track someone?
Yes, but it would be illegal in your country.

Can the user of the phone see the installed software?
No, the software works in background mode and it is invisible to the user.

Can I install the software remotely without having physical access to the phone?
No. To install the software you must have physical access to the phone for 2-3 minutes until you install the software.

Can I run this software already installed via SMS commands?
Yes, most of the features supported SMS commands.

How exactly SmartSpy Pro software works?
Software records all calls and messages, and forward them to your email to check them out and listen.

How does the use of software is shown in the phone bill?
To run the software and send emails it using Data Internet from your provider. Most of the SIM cards nowadays have free unlimited Data plans.

Is all listed functions work ?
Different phones and OS versions they may have different maintenance functions of SmartSpy Pro. Features - Recording calls and SMS copies are mandatory functions that are supported on all Symbian phones on the list. For specific functions send a request for specific phone before ordering.

How to order?
Payment 100% in advance by Bank, Paypal or Moneybookers (Skrill). Usually one to three hours after payment you'll receive your software by email. Then you can install it and start using.

Can I return the software for refund?
If you have reason to return it, you will be refunded less the amount paid the fee to set up a Web Account and a fee for issuing a license key, total 29€.

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