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Mobile Phone Tapping

Innovative software for tapping GSM mobile phone
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Подслушване на GSM


SmartSpy Pro is powerfull software for tapping mobile GSM phones Nokia with operation system Symbian

It is specially designed to work in the background (not visible) mode for the user.

Software collects the necessary information and send it to your e-mail and Web Account, which we will give you.

By SmartSpy Pro you get various information from the phone it is installed.

 Audio recording of all calls - incoming and outgoing

 Call History - Incoming, Outgoing and Missed Calls

 Contacts - access to all the contacts directory

 SMS messages - receive copies of all messages (inbox and outbox)

 GPS Location - receive info where is the phone on Google Maps

 Remote control - command the software with invisible SMS commands

 Spy Bug - listen what is happening around the phone using the microphone

 Pictures - you get a picture of the phone with front or rear camera

 SMS control - Remote invisible commands


In various phones and versions of the OS may have different maintenance functions of SmartSpy Pro. Features - Recording calls and SMS copies are required functions that are supported on all phones in the list.
For specific functions send a request for specific phone before ordering.

The price of a license is 149€ for a period of 365 days = 0.41€/day :)

The software for GSM tapping support:

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